Internal Medicine

Welcome to Raja Hospital’s Internal Medicine Department, a renowned destination for comprehensive healthcare in Nawanshahr. We take pride in our reputation as the premier Internal Medicine Center, committed to promoting overall well-being and providing expert medical care. Our dedicated team of Intensivist and medical professionals is here to address a wide range of health concerns and offer personalized treatment plans, harnessing the latest medical research and clinical expertise to meet the unique needs of each patient. We aim to empower individuals to make informed choices for their health and medical goals.

Meet The Best Intensivist in Nawanshahr

With our esteemed Internal Medicine Department in Punjab, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care for individuals with diverse medical needs.

Our expert internists employ cutting-edge medical knowledge and advanced diagnostic tools to accurately assess and diagnose various health conditions, crafting customized treatment plans for each patient. Whether you require routine medical check-ups, specialized medical interventions, or ongoing medical management, we are committed to assisting you throughout your healthcare journey.


If you or a loved one requires expert medical guidance and support, we invite you to schedule an appointment with our Internal Medicine Department. Our compassionate team is ready to offer you personalized medical care and support. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards improved health.

Discover Expert Medical Care at Raja Hospital, Nawanshahr.

We offer specialized medical services to address your healthcare needs in Punjab, all at affordable rates.


Dr. Shoket Ali

(MD Medicine)


Services We Provide

We provide a wide range of services and procedures dedicated to promoting optimal health. Our offerings include:


Medical Consultations

Tailored Medical Care, Comprehensive Health Management, and Personalized Health Education.


Medical Evaluations

In-Depth Medical Assessments, Diagnostic Testing, Imaging Services, and Customized Treatment Planning.


Medical Interventions

Medical Interventions, Specialized Treatments, and Healthy Lifestyle Guidance for Disease Management.


Medical Support

Full Medical Support for Patients with Special Healthcare Needs, Prescriptions, and Holistic Healthcare Solutions.


A big shoutout to the incredible staff at Raja Hospital. They guided me through a challenging stroke recovery with compassion and professionalism.
Kamlesh Devi

Kamlesh Devi


Raja Hospital played a crucial role in my stroke recovery. The medical team's prompt and expert care was exceptional. Forever thankful for their support and expertise.
Raja Hospital

Raj Kumar


Raja Hospital provided effective treatment for my liver pain. The medical team's dedication and expertise were instrumental in my recovery. Grateful for their care.
Amandeep Kaur

Amandeep Kaur

Chest pain

Frequently Asked Questions

You can schedule an appointment by calling our hotline or using the ‘Book Now’ button on our website.

Bring any medical records, prior test results, or relevant information that may help our experts provide you with the best medical care.”